a Global Youth Media Initiative

submit music

1. I/We hereby grant for a period of 4 years and to be renewed annually thereafter unless terminated in writing, (hereinafter referred to as the "Term") to Global Youth Media Initiative Inc. d/b/a (doing business as) 2vSTREAM and their respective licensees, successors and assigns (herein collectively called the "licensed parties"), the right to use, all or any part of any and all musical compositions, lyrics, master recordings, audio, video, name, picture, portrait and likeness (hereinafter refer to as “material”) submitted by me/us in any and all electronic or print media including, without limitation promotional use, advertising, sync-licensing, or other use of the material throughout the universe. (hereinafter refer to as “The territory”). I/We also acknowledge that this agreement does not imply all material submitted by me/us will be selected for promotional use, broadcasting rotation, sync-licensing or other use by the licensed parties.

2. I/We warrant and represent that all material submitted to the licensed parties are of original form (material created by me/us) or I/we am/are authorized to use the material submitted with no limitations. I/we also warrant and represent that this agreement (referred to as “license”) does not in any way conflict with any existing commitment on my/our part. We here indemnify the licensed parties for any breach of the foregoing warranty

3. I/We agree when submitting audio material, I/we am/are responsible for submitting the following information: Name of Artist(s), a Biography or “Write up” of Artist(s), Title of Track(s), Length of Track(s) along with contact information for Artist(s) as well as all relevant social media username(s)

4. I/We agree that no advertisement or other material need be submitted to me/us for any further approval and the licensed parties shall be without liability to me/us for any distortion or illusionary effect or adverse result to me/us on account of the licensed parties use of my/our material. Nothing herein constitutes any obligation on the licensed parties to make any monetary or gift compensation to me/us for any promotional or advertising use of my/our material submitted to the licensed party during the term of this agreement, and I/We acknowledge that the licensed parties only promotional obligation to me/us is to give me/us exposure in the territory on 2vSTREAM per their professional discretion.

5. (a) In the event a recording agreement is afforded to me/us from a major recording label during the term, Global Youth Media Initiative reserves the right to negotiate an exit agreement from this agreement and continue to promote and license all material submitted by me/us to the licensed parties prior to said recording agreement.

6. (b) I/We also understand this license does not restrict me/us from entering any other license or agreement that embody the likeness of this license, unless other said license/agreement imposes restrictions or demands on this license not limited to the agreed willingness of the licensed parties as described in paragraph 5.(a).

I/We warrant that I/We am/are of legal age to enter this agreement and agree to fulfill its terms in its entirety.

All participating artist(s) must print and sign below even if this group/band does have an Agent/Representative. In the event the Artist(s) is under the age of 18 (eighteen) a parent or guardian approval and signature is mandatory to enter this agreement